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A Mother Gives Life and Her Daughter Returns the Favor

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Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- A mother gives her daughter the gift of life.  And the daughter returns the favor, with her left kidney.  Brenda Allen had been on dialysis for nearly 15 years, but on July 10th, that all changed.

"I feel great," said Allen on her new-found health.

"Just to hear her recovery even in a day, to hear how well she's doing the next day, it was a blessing," said organ donor daughter, Raquel Wilson.

This was the first mother-daughter kidney transplant at Nebraska Medical Center.  Allen says she now has a new lease on life.

"While I was on dialysis, I felt bogged down and tired and weak.  But now I'm energetic and I feel like I'm ready to just get up and go," said Allen.

"Everybody that came down to my room said, ‘Your moms running a marathon down there and she's eating food the next day and she's walking the hall.' And I'm like, I'm not doing so well.  But they were very good in encouraging that I would be ok as well," said Wilson.

Allen has her daughter to thank for changing her life around.

"It's an honor to return the favor of life," said Wilson.

"I appreciate it so much.  I could never say thank you enough to her and show my appreciation, I could never thank her enough for giving me this chance at life.  I felt like she had really given me a new life.  A chance at just being normal," said Allen.

But the journey to their big day wasn't easy.

"I've seen her go through quite a bit of suffering being on dialysis.  It's very hard the body. It's hard on the heart it's hard on your family," said Wilson.

"I would swell up, I would get bloated.  My face would be bloated, my hands would be bloated and it was really something," said Allen.

Doctors say it's uncommon for someone to be in dialysis for so long.  But, Wilson says hope and faith kept them strong.

"To get a transplant and the transplant to be totally successful, I think that's worthy of the world knowing about not giving up," said Wilson.

Recovering slowly, but surely, this opportunity gives both of them a chance to achieve their goals.

"I plan on going back and finishing my bachelor's degree," said Allen.

"We are going to go to Disneyland.  My husband and I will finally have a honeymoon.  We can leave the kids with mom now. But we're just going to live.  I'm going to finish school and do some things and just going to live, which is what it's all about," said Wilson.

"I'm so grateful, I'm so hopeful for the future.  I feel like I now have a future and I'm happy about that," said Allen.

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