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Blind Cat Beats The Odds

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Franque Thompson

COUNCIL BLUFFS (KPTM)- A cat on a racetrack while drivers are speeding by sounds like a death sentence.  But it wasn't for one feline in Mills County.

"This is what rescues about.  Taking those animals in off the street that have nobody," said Tina Ainsworth of Catnip and Tails.

Ainsworth received a call about Andre, an abandoned cat at Kosiki track in Mills County.  A worker at the track said it ran straight into the pit while racing was still going on.  Ainsworth says how it survived, is nothing short of a miracle.

"I have no idea how he didn't get hit by a car because he can't see danger coming," said Ainsworth.

Andre is an older cat and was already blind.

"One of his eyes had a serious infection where the cornea had eroded through and ruptured.  So he was in quite a bit of pain," said Jody Strohbehn, a veterinarian at View Valley Vet Clinic.

"This has probably been going on for months.  And I can't see how somebody could look at that and not think that he's not in pain.  Because it caused him pain," said Ainsworth, who believes the infected eye was a result of neglect.

Veterinarians say unfortunately neglected animals aren't uncommon.

"It's one thing to struggle with your pet and another thing to abandon them.  I mean, you can bring them into the humane society and surrender them then they can make decisions.  But to just kind of toss them out the door is just wrong.  It's a bad decision on the owners part," said Strohbehn.

Andre is now in safe hands, but his health is fragile.  He has aids, and low blood sugar.

"He was sick.  His blood work was normal except for really high white count. And of course with aids they have trouble with infection.  Probably most people would have put the kitty down, but the shelter has a big heart so they wanted to have them fixed and we got it done," said Strohbehn.

Now Andre just needs to find a home where he can be loved.

"Somebody dumped this special needs cat defenseless.  So hopefully somebody knows this cat, turns their owner in and somebody loves this face and will give him a forever home," said Ainsworth.

Information on how to adopt Andre can be found on the Catnip and Tails website.

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