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New Type Of Parking Confuses Drivers

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OMAHA (kptm) - You may have recently seen some new and different parking spots downtown.  But drivers are passing them by because they say they're confusing. 

Back-in angle parking.  Paul Fitzgibbons says, "I just think it's unique.  Rarely do you back in."

"I think it's pretty cool actually, I like it," Cindy Horton says.

It's a new type of parking in the city and while some drivers like it others say it's confusing.  "At first, they're a little startling especially when there's a lot of traffic around.  I thought it was kind of interesting, but I figured they had some reason for it, I just didn't know what it was, but it does definitely make things a little more difficult cause you feel like you're holding people up," Fitzgibbons says.

And people will have to wait.  The signs tell drivers to signal first then stop and reverse but those who aren't signaling are causing back ups.  "I think it's probably safer when you're leaving, but if you're not someone that's comfortable with backing in and many people aren't, I think you're going to create more problems.  I could see people just bypassing some of the stores because of it," Fitzgibbons says.

City officials believe it will make shopping easier.  "For example, where Patrick's market is on Howard Street.  That's a location where people go in and get their groceries, come out, put their groceries in the trunk, get in the car and they can safely exit the parking space," Public Works Director, Robert Stubbe says.

City officials say this type of parking gives drivers a safe chance to get out of the car.  It also makes loading your trunk easier and it provides better visibility when you're leaving.  "I don't know if that would be better visibility pulling out it seems like the parallel parking would be better," Horton says.

Omaha resident, Alex Jackson says, "This backing in parking, I mean people are gonna park how they want to park anyway but it don't phase me cause they're just going to do what they're going to do, ya know what I mean?"

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