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Strangers Have Baby Together Causing Controversy

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By:  Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - Two friends are making national headlines after deciding to become parents.  And they live right here in Omaha

Dawn Pieke and Fabian Blue are in a non-traditional relationship.  "I am a gay male and she is a heterosexual woman but we just hit it off like a Will and Grace type thing," Blue says.

And the two of them have a child together.  "The way we conceived our child was not the old fashioned way and we did not spend thousands and thousands of dollars on IVF, we did the at home turkey baster method," Blue says.

It wasn't something they rushed into.  Both had wanted a child for years, but it never happened.  Dawn was in a relationship for 10 years but the man didn't want kids.  When she got pregnant it ended.  "I had a miscarriage and then shortly after that I found out he met someone else so that relationship ended and I was 40 then and so I thought crap what am I going to do now?  It was just a really hard time," Pieke says.

Friends encouraged her to try dating.  "I went on some dates and stuff and I kept thinking ok so this guy could be the one, he'd be a good dad and it just felt really rushed because of my age and I always thought age really doesn't matter, but when having kids over 40 ya know the chances kept going lower and lower and lower and lower," Pieke says.

Some weren't supportive.  "There are a lot of people at that point that said Dawn maybe you weren't meant to have kids and that was heart breaking cause this is coming from someone that had them," Pieke says.

So Dawn ventured online.  She found a co-parenting website and met Fabian.  Who also had trouble meeting the right one and desperately wanted a family.  So after months of talking online, Fabian decided to pack up his life in Australia and move to Omaha to have a child with a friend.  "I just wanted something different.  I've lived in all the big cities all my life, had the rock and roll lifestyle and I just knew I wanted something different and I wanted to be a parent and Omaha Nebraska's pretty fantastic," Blue says.

But family and friends were unsure of the idea.  "Comes to a certain point in those situations where you gotta choose between the family or what the old book says and I think everyone should believe what they want to believe but not knock someone else down for their beliefs without knowing their true story," Blue says.

But their story isn't widely accepted and they're making headlines across the nation.  Even Rosie O'Donnell had to meet them.  "Please welcome Dawn and Fabian to the show," O'Donnell says.

"For the people who say darn these people for doing this in a loveless relationship, this is love.  The reason she is here is love," Blue says.

"Until they're in our shoes, until they're in our specific situation.  It's so easy for people to judge and while they're in their family unit with a traditional husband and wife and three kids and a picket fence and a dog, I think those seem to be the people that judge the most and that's great that they have that, it's awesome, unfortunately it didn't happen that way," Pieke says.

"She just makes all the trouble go away she's pretty magical," Blue says. 

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