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Police to Crack Down on Drunk Drivers During Holiday Season

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 OMAHA (KPTM)-There's a roundup going on in Sarpy County, but this roundup isn't about cowboys.

It's about hauling in drunk drivers.

Last week, Sarpy County said it had more than one hundred drunk drivers that didn't show up for court or complete classes.

10 days later, on Friday, Sarpy County Sheriff's office announced 45 of those people are now behind bars.

As one of the biggest drunk driving seasons of the year begins, police from all over Nebraska and Iowa are working to curb those offenses.

Friday, Police, along with other community groups conducted a ‘Wet Lab.' It was a demonstration on just how alcohol can affect people.

"This will be my seventh beer," said one participant, Eric DePue.

DePue joined nine other people as they measured for four hours how drinking affects them. "This is a good idea because it shows that different people who consume different amounts of alcohol, it affects them in different ways," said DePue.

DePue is 6'6, and after seven beers, blew a .06.

That's compared to one woman, around 5'4, after one ‘Four Loco,' blew a .10.

Throughout the day, people also participated in sobriety tests. "It's tough, because he has his finger going back and forth," said DePue.

Police told Fox 42, that the tests may look simple from the outside, and easy to control, but actually they test your involuntary reactions.

"At this point, I would say, I would not drive," said DePue.

Police said, you can help catch drunk drivers this holiday season.

If you see someone on the road who may be driving drunk or stones, call *55 or 911.

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