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Crooks Using Counterfeit Currency in MIdtown

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Meghan McRoberts

OMAHA (KPTM)- Some businesses in Midtown say they're seeing more counterfeit cash.Some are catching the bad bills, but there a ways you can prevent ending up with one.

Business comes easy at Jimmy John's, with quick service and reasonable prices. But as quickly as the food goes out, comes the chance for bad bills to come in. "You've got to be more cautious definitely," Cameron Markey said.

The Jimmy John's at 40th and Dodge hasn't had a problem yet with counterfeit cash, but they're on the watch after their business neighbor, Bucky's has. Employees there say they've been catching more fake bills recently than ever.

"And then I heard it also with a couple other Jimmy John's stores around the city had a lot of problems with counterfeit money when they deposit it at the banks." Counterfeit cash made by bleaching the number off of smaller bills and re printing them with a bigger number.

Experts say it's most common to turn a $5 into a $50 or $100 to get as much genuine money as possible as cash back. "The store eats it out of the profit unfortunately the bank doesn't just take it for us, its just on us, that's the cost of doing business, " John Gutsmiedl with the Secret Service said.

It is a problem that is usually only caught once the customer is out the door. That's why Markey bought counterfeit pens just a of couple weeks ago.  "We always have at least one and  usually a second one.  We just keep them up here when ever someone drops a ten or twenty, just check them out."

But experts say sometimes the pen won't catch bleached money. The money is real, but just has a fake number. "We don't see it as much as some of the other counterfeits because it does take some time to do, there's a lot of prep times."

But it doesn't take much time to catch it by looking for the security thread or making sure the numbers on the line match the value of the bill. Or you can match the watermarks with the portrait on the bill. Experts say if customers know how to catch a bad bilk they can avoid being given bad money from a business accidentally.

The Secret Service says more than 90 percent of counterfeit cash is caught by the bank. They also say it rarely lasts in circulation, so the chance of getting a bad bill from a business is not very likely.



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