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Midland Gun Shows Already Require Background Checks

Nicole Ebat

CARTER LAKE, IOWA(KPTM)-- A gun show is coming to town--right on the heels of President Obama's gun control proposals.

One thing the president is calling for is closing loopholes in the background check requirements for gun shows and private sales.

Some states don't require background checks be performed at gun shows, but Nebraska and Iowa do.

"There's a three-day waiting period on handguns and then they've got to fill out a [federal firearms license] sheet that answers all the questions like do they have a criminal history or any mental illnesses," said Marvin Kraus, gun show manager. "They have to fill out all the questions before they can purchase a gun."

But anti-violence groups are still concerned with the sheer amount of guns the shows bring into the area.

"It's hard for people to recognize if you haven't been directly impacted by the loss of someone you love due to gun violence, it's hard to understand how prevalent and pervasive it has become in our community," said Dereca Blackmon, interim director for Impact One.

Come Friday afternoon a large room at Chez Paree in Carter Lake will be full with over 225 gun dealers mostly from Iowa.

Tables will be packed with all kinds of guns including AK-47's and high-capacity magazines.

Blackmon said the group is always concerned those weapons will wind up in the wrong hands here in Omaha which is why she says thorough background checks are so necessary.

"In a given year, a million people fail a background check, so just think about the 1 million people who wanted to go and get a gun, but because of their criminal record because of their mental history they were unable to do so, what if we tightened those loopholes and we made it even stricter?"

Those reason are exactly why Kraus says he has no problem with background checks being made stronger.

"We're all interested in keeping the guns out of the wrong people's hands, absolutely," he said.

The show start runs Friday night 5-9; Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sunday 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

It's located at the Chez Paree Hall at 1301 Locust St.

Remember if you are looking to purchase a handgun, Iowa does require a three-day waiting period in order to get the permit.

There will be a Nebraska FFL dealer available for transfers.

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