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A Century of Valentines’ Days

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Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM) - Her life is as colorful as the Persian rug lying on her lap. "Every stitch (is done) by hand," said Florence Young.

Mrs. Young is 105 years old, and tomorrow, the day after Valentine's Day is an important life marker. "We're celebrating my 106th birthday."

Young enjoyed the parties at her retirement home wearing red lipstick, a flower, and a smile. "My mother always said you should always try to look your best."

Her footsteps are all over Omaha.

She was a swimsuit model in the 20's, acted in the first play at the Omaha Community Playhouse, sold real estate in a male dominated market, and traveled the world.

Now, she can walk anywhere and doesn't take any medication. "My doctor says he wants to see me every two years."

Mrs. Young seeing the best in others, and in herself. "I like to be happy and I like to have others happy around me."

Happiness is woven into every story she tells, whether about her father, a whirling dervish, or an impromptu marriage proposal from a boyfriend. "A minister came, he had all arranged to have me marry him," laughed Mrs. Young. "He thought I couldn't refuse him with all of his friends around, and I said, oh no, I couldn't do that."

Throughout her life, she said she's been to every continent with her husband of forty-plus years. "I had the opportunity to hold the Dead Sea scroll of Isaiah in my hands."

Her hands, taught to fix and create Persian rugs. A skill she learned from her father. "I don't use any synthetic yarn."

Her life is as real as the joy in her face and the friends and family that surround her. "Love? Well, I guess it means that you care about someone a lot."

Mrs. Young said love is in the small stitches that come together to create a beautiful picture.

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