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Rodgers Will Ask Governor For a Pardon

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OMAHA (KPTM)- Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Rodgers is asking for a pardon.  Rodgers, 62, has formally filled out the paperwork and is on the  Nebraska Pardons Board agenda for October 8. He will ask for a full pardon of the felony conviction he received for grand larceny in 1971.

"We were on the very last day of  school. So we were out to get some gas and we stopped at the gas station and saw a guy in there and we said let get this guy's money. So we go in and we get the money from the guy and we go off and we forget about it. We got 90 dollars, 30 dollars each. And from that point on I was in a state of nervousness," said Rodgers.

The former Nebraska football wingback said he wants to be a better role model for kids and adults.

"I'm getting to be older now and I'm in the last chapter of my life. And I have some things that I want to do and I don't want it to end with this on my record and if I don't do it then others behind me might not do it. Because people don't do what you say, they do what they see you do."

On October 8, the Pardons Board, containing Secretary of State John Gale, and Attorney General Jon Bruning will address the case without the presence of Rodgers. If they decide to move the case to a hearing, it will take place in November, according to Rodgers.

"Oh I'll have a sigh of relief because there is a possibility that it won't happen. You don't know.  It's like getting a degree. You don't know if you are going to pass the test.  I hope to
pass the test but until you get it, you can't score until you actually cross the goal line," said Rodgers.

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