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Sending Mail Through USPS Soon To Cost More Money

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Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- If you thought you were already paying enough money to send your mail, well in just a few months, you'll be paying more.

The United States Postal Service announced Wednesday that it will increase the price of first class mail stamps.  The USPS said the price for first class stamps will be raised to 49 cents. 

Multi-business owner Joni Craighead has used mail service to run her companies since the ‘80s.

"We did a tremendous amount of direct mail for specials, sales, you know, birthday cards all those things with our clients.  And at that point in time first class postage was 20 cents," said Craighead.

Soon, postage will be three cents more than what it is now come the new year.  The increase comes after the USPS already raised first class stamp prices by a penny back in January.  Board members hope raising prices will help bring in money to pay for its cash strapped services.

"I think that maybe the postal service needs to be run like a business is run.  I think we have to look for efficiency, I think we need to look at ways we can cut back, ways that we can be more productive and we have to keep up with the times," said Craighead.

USPS said it had a net loss of nearly $16 billion this past fiscal year.  The postal service said it's in such dire straits because more people are sending emails and using social media.

"As long as we have boomers around and the great generation, we will continue to see some of the traditional forms of media, but eventually I think those will drop off and we will go to strictly electronic media and probably a new form of media," said Craighead.

Craighead is also running for a political office.  She hopes the raised prices don't put a crimp in sending mailers for her campaign.

"We will do a lot of direct mail, but we'll need to be a little bit more strategic and probably target a little bit better so that we make sure that we utilize our dollars efficiently," she said.

The USPS does not get any tax dollars for operating expenses; It's only funded by postage sales, products and services.  Prices for sending postcards and letters with extra weight will also increase.  USPS said the price increase will start January 24th.

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