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Historic Home To Be Demolished

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OMAHA (KPTM)- Abandoned homes are often hot spots for criminal activity.

Right now, there are around 700 homes in Omaha that are supposed to be knocked down.

One of those homes is the center of a battle that plays out like the little guy versus the city.

It's a fight over a century old home that has been going on since spring, and as of Friday, it appears that it's over.

"Once this is gone-they don't make them. You cannot make a historical house-it's just gone you know?" said Paul Konchagulian.

Since 2007, Konchagulian has poured countless hours and $20,000 into a home near 38th and Hamilton. The home is 123 years old.

Konchagulian has had a demolition restraining order on the home since July. He said it was a shame to tear down the house that has become a staple on Hamilton street.  The restraining order expired at the beginning of October, which meant it was time for city crews to start tearing it down.

"It's sound, it's maintained, and why? Why now do they want to knock it down?" asked Konchagulian.

City plumbers cut off the gas and water lines Thursday, October 10th. The home is supposed to be demolished in about one week.

"Someone would take it if you stop threatening to tear it down," said Konchagulian.

Konchagulian said he bought the house in 2007 to fix up. However, health problems slowed him down.  Since then, the house has been on the City of Omaha's demolition list. 

"My biggest frustration is I drive around the city seeing house after house that's burned out, that's not secured, that really is a blight to the neighborhood, still standing," said Konchagulian.

City Official Kevin Denker told Fox 42 that the home has been on the demolition list for years, and that the city is moving forward with the work order.

"We have the same goal. The city wants to make the city look better-and that's what we're trying to do by trying to save this house," said Konchagulian.

"We were told just because the house is old doesn't mean it's historical. Again, a house that was built 27 years after a state became a state. It's earned its right," said Konchagulian.

There is a petition to keep the house, which can be signed here.

However, Konchagulian said he isn't sure how to move forward to keep the property.

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