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Perfect Thanksgiving Pie Tips

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OMAHA (KPTM)- What's Thanksgiving dinner without turkey and pie?

You can argue for pumpkin, apple, cherry or something else.

We've tackled tips on how to create the perfect turkey, and now, we've got the part of the thanksgiving meal everyone's really looking forward too-pie.

  1. Grandma knows best on this one.

Remember watching Grandma artfully roll the perfect pie crust, without a tear? Well, Ron Popp of Wheatfields does. "I was the same way when my grandma made a pie, you really watch how they do that, a little bit of an art," said Popp.

2. If you're scared of making your own crust, go with a frozen one.

Popp said if you don't have time to work on the perfect flaky crust, make time to just run to the store instead. "They are actually very good," said Popp.

3.Don't overwork your dough (Assuming you accepted the challenge to make your own pie crust).

"You just want to do it to the point where it's kind of crumbly and sticky," said Popp.

4. Chill dough before rolling it out.

It'll make the crust easier to handle. "The key is the less doing of the dough really," said Popp.

5. Lightly flour the board you're rolling your crust out onto.

"You don't want to add too much flour back into the dough because that could be tough," said Popp.

6. Ditch canned fruit fillings.

"Don't even go there," said Popp.

7. Pick fresh or frozen fruit for pie fillings.

Fresh fruit is the way to go, said Popp. If you can't find fruit that's ripe, frozen works too, said Popp, just make sure to thaw it first.  If you're making the all-American apple pie, pick granny smith apples said Popp. "They have a little bit of a sour twang in the apple to offset the other flavors of the sweetness," said Popp. Another tip, Popp said don't be afraid to really fill your pie up with fruit, not flour and sugar.

8. Check out videos online for crimping tricks if you're stuck.

Here you go! Click here

9. Know the oven you are using.

Popp said if you're cooking with an unfamiliar oven, use a "regular" setting and turn the temperature up to 350.  Popp said if you're cooking just one pie at a time, make sure to center it as best you can. "Ovens go so they bring the heat to a center so you want to center it as much you can from top to bottom and right to left," said Popp. Popp said if you're cooking multiple pies at once and are worried about having a rubbery bottom, you can precook the pie crust a little bit as well.

10.  If all else fails…

Buy a pie. :) 

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