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Computer Stores Swamped As Users Prepare for the End of Windows XP

Computer Stores Swamped As Users Prepare for the End of Windows XP

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OMAHA(KPTM)-If you are still running on Windows XP, you are not alone. Experts estimate one out of three computer users depend on the operating system. And if you are one of them, listen up. The support that keeps your P.C. safe is stopping on Tuesday.

It's James Simon's job to preserve precious memories by converting traditionally formatted pictures and movies into digital form. "We're dealing with in many cases, priceless things." said Simon who runs

Simon adds that replacing his P.C. is about more than the work he produces through his business, it's about keeping his customer information safe."There's also a security aspect as well," said Simon who adds, "I think if you do any of your transactional information on an X.P. machine, it is no longer going to be supported," and Simon isn't taking any chances. He bought a brand new computer on Monday.

Raymond Mikkleson works in computer sales at Nebraska Furniture Mart, he says he's been seeing a lot of people come into the story lately, concerned about keeping their P.C.'s secure. " Thirty percent of all computer users are on X.P., so there are going to be a lot of people who are going to see a message, saying they are unsupported in the next couple of days," said Mikkleson.

Thor Schrock of Schrock Innovations says Microsoft's decision to discontinue support for X.P. has led to booming business for him as well. "Schrock has literally sold over 150 computers, looking for people to upgrade out of Windows X.P. in the past month," said Schrock who adds that the switch is more out of necessity than anything else. "There are a lot of people moving away from Windows X.P. , not because they want to, but because they have to," he said.

Both Schrock and Mikkleson say that if you are still operating on X.P., your best bet will likely be to replace your entire P.C.. "When this happens (the end of support for XP on Tuesday), your computer will be about as safe as it was the night before. A month later, the odds of you getting a virus, not from doing something stupid on the internet, but just getting onto Google and clicking on a link go up, the odds of getting a virus seem to increase exponentially each month," said Schrock.

For Simon, it's not worth taking that chance. "You have to upgrade sooner or later, so now is as good of a time as any," he said.

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