Family Farm Shredded by Tuesday's Storms


OAKLAND, IOWA (KPTM)-  A vicious storm Tuesday night left a mess for Omaha area people to clean up.

The Konz family is no different.

“I kept thinking, oh my God, oh my God, this is really happening,” said Jaime Konz.

Konz and her family were huddled underneath their staircase when the storm hit on Tuesday night.

Konz said her 6-year-old son was putting on a brave face until the wind picked up. “At one point when it got so loud, I think he could tell that when we were praying, that this was really real.  He started crying and said I don’t want to die. That was the worst thing for me because I was trying to protect them and just wanted everyone to be okay.”

Konz said the storm flooded her basement, threw a grain bin the length of a football field, took down all the power lines around her home, and tore her trees up.

“There’s no reason that this house is still standing, no reason,” said Konz. “Our mail was still in the mailbox, the mail box was open but there was mail in it.”

Konz said a couple windows blew out in her home and she can’t forget the sound the storm made.  “I had never heard the whistling of the wind because of the wind break-now the windbreak is gone…I kept back and checking with my husband once the kids were asleep, are you sure there’s not another one coming? Are you sure there’s not another one coming?”

Konz said she was working all day Wednesday to clear the trees and damage, but it’ll take a lot longer than one day to get everything back.

“You’ve seen it happen-seen the destruction on TV before-but when it’s happening to you it’s a whole different deal,” said Konz.

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