New Changes Coming to The College World Series


Bill Steckis

OMAHA (KPTM)- Cheering on the Huskers in Memorial Stadium will be even better when the season kicks off at the end of August.

The Nebraska Athletic Department said improvements are underway to enhance the fan experience.

The twenty year old speaker system will be replaced and the wireless internet connection will be strong enough for people to use outside the stadium. When the new internet connection is complete, the department said it will be the largest collegiate internet access in the country.

The Huskers will also debut a new smartphone app, which will give people access to information about the games, and exclusive videos that can only be seen in the stadium.

Another big change is the replica "Sandlot," baseball field that was built downtown for kids to play ball on.

"Every day on a baseball field is fun and we're just out here enjoying it," said Brian Furlong who was taking advantage of the baseball field.

Creighton Baseball coaches were out on the replica field Thursday. Other coaches will watch over the field through Sunday.

Brenden Adamsroark was using the field on Thursday and said, "It’s really fun and I'm glad we caught the ball and we had two home runs."

Chloe Stafford was another baseball fan taking a look at the new field, "the field looks just like it. It's like dirt with a little green patches. And it's fun. It's really fun."

Something else that is different this year the food truck lot that is set up near the park.

Scotty Johnson works at one of the food trucks and said, “I've been pretty steady here and traffic is nice here. We've been doing breakfast and lunch here.”

A handful of other food trucks will be on hand for the College World Series, the lot is just two blocks away from the stadium.

Finishing touches are also underway for the bullpen.

The Old Mattress Factory is also making changes by adding on an extension. It comes complete with seats from Rosenblatt, and twenty new businesses will fill up baseball village.

Jenny Peters works with the baseball village and said, “You are going to see a lot more baseball products like protective equipment, throwing stations, batting stations, training centers. What we've found is that the vendors who come in and really bring it in terms of getting the fans involved, they are the ones who see the most success."

The baseball village is in the parking lot of The Old Mattress Factory. This year people will also get a chance to go on the roof of the building to see a new perspective of the festivities this year.

Here is also a list of the bands that will be playing on June 22nd, 2014.

-       Casey Donahew Band

-       John Party

-       Frankie Ballard

-       Tyler Farr

-       Cactus Hill

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