Huge Backup: Kids Flood North Omaha Park


Melina Matthes


The Kountze Water Park in North Omaha near 19th Street and Pinkney Street went underwater recently, but it did not have to do with the storm on Tuesday.

City officials said the park flooded because a part broke and  while waiting for the part to come, they decided to leave the water park running, but the problem was that kids clogged the drain with t-shirts and socks, which flooded the entire park.

Oscar Watson Jr.  is a member of the neighborhood association said, "A smaller child, any child that's one or two years old the water would have been up to their neck."

Watson brings his granddaughter to Kountze Park often, but last week it was not possible after kids flooded the park with a t–shirt and he said it is not the first time.

He also said it is not the only problem either.  Watson said people are constantly leaving trash all over the playground and he finds glass in the sand almost every day.

"I would ask the parents to please monitor your kids. Help keep them safe, make sure they're not picking up nothing that can hurt them cause we got people that come through here that don't even live around here, they'll break beer cans, bottles and that glass gets into the sand," said Watson.

The neighborhood association is striving to make the park more family friendly, and to keep people out at night.

Neighbors and the police are now closely monitoring the park daily and Watson wants people to take care of it.

"If this is your neighborhood park and you like being in it and you have pride in your neighborhood then help keep it clean,” said Watson.

The Omaha City Parks Department fixed the water park Thursday afternoon, and the neighborhood association is asking for help cleaning it up. The department plans to meet in the park Saturday afternoon and anyone in the community is welcome to join.

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